Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heli-Hike at Franz Josef Glacier 乘直升机攀走于冰川之中

The very first time in my lifetime to see a helicopter such close, and so I know how vibrant and loud it was for the noise generated by its engine. The fantastic part is, I am going to take a ride in it and go up to the glacier! I will land on the ice up to the mountain!
好了,直升机放下我们,落地了。得为我的攀山靴子装上鞋底钉。Okay, so this was how we landed. I struggled to fix crampoon to my hiking boot here. 领队给我们一伙人讲解攀冰之行得注意的安全措施。The Heli-hike guide explained to all of us about the safety precautions to mind when walking on the glacier. 好,走吧,领队先生,辛苦你了,为我们开冰劈路。Okay! Let's go! Mr. Guide, thanks for your hard work, slash the ice and lead a path for us!
就指靠你的鬼斧劈工,化寒冰为小道了。So we're counting on your strokes of an axe, let's march on. She jumped! I caught her motion! She's the Germany girl who took the helicopter with me earlier on. :) 她飞身跃过!Hmm, it is getting hard to climb. 使劲攀山。
我看似神气,可是和那些洋人比较起来,我好想走得像企鹅似的,使力保持平衡啊,免得滑倒。This is me who is a little bit clumsy and usually got to walk like a penguin to avoid slippery.
“嘿!瞧见我吗?” "Harlow! Can you see me?"
白茫茫冰川之中,我是如此渺小。I am too little at this far-reaching glacier.
Melting. 融化中。
touching the ice, oh! it's really ice, crystal clear! 摸摸冰,感觉很新奇,真的是冰吔。

真的很壮观。It is truly a nature's masterpiece, we're just speechless to express our wonderment.
Oh! We've walked a distance, it was a little hard though for a short distance. 短短一段距离,可是走起来还挺吃力的。
好了,是时候乘直升机下去了,这里始终是属于大自然的。Ok, it's time to leave. This place belongs to the great nature.
That's a fine sunny day. The temperature is quite high, yet icy glacier is able to maintain its volume, its phenomenon strikes our curiousity. Oops, I am not good in Geography.


I used to stare at glacier far away, for me, it was like a bunch of white rocks at the mountains. Before I came to Franz Josef, I didn't even know the meaning of "glacier", I got to check the dictionary. Look from far, I was only amazed by its unique appearence. Now only I knew, glacier is a moving icy river, it moves from time to time with a speed that is invisible to us. How on earth there is such structure? This is truly amazing!

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