Friday, January 8, 2010

去看冰川了 Going to see Glacier!

There're just many other tourists walking along the stony road like I do, crossing over some streams, to catch a closer view of the magnificent glacier.
四周围的山,有小瀑布啊。 Some hills that surround Franz Josef Glacier, look, there are cascades!到了! 但不能走得再近了,只能在安全范围走动,因为石崩的可能性还是存在的。
I've reached! But I can't walk any closer, only can get around in the safety region due to the possibility of avalanche.
警惕游客的告示牌。The warning signboard to get visitors on guard. 壮观的冰川。据说它背后有一段凄美的毛利传说,从前有个爱登山的女孩,执意要其爱人和她一起登上这一座特别壮丽的山,结果在他们登山期间发生意外了,她眼睁挣地看着爱人失足而从山中坠落,她伤心愧疚过度,泪流成河,在那寒冬的季节,成了这绝美的冰川。
It is said that there is a Maori legendary love story which is sadly beautiful pertaining to this glacier. Once upon a time there was a girl who loved mountain-hiking, insisted to get her lover to climb this spectacularly beautiful mountain. They climbed together and at the end, an tragic accident occurred, she stared helplessly at his lover's misstep and a subsequent fall from the mountain. The heartbroken girl was too sorrowful to shed her tears endlessly and turn the tears in this chilly season to evolve as such magnificent glacier.