Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fairy tale

When we were little, we talked among each other, “given a choice, you want to be a boy? Or girl?”. Some girls say, “boy! Because a boy doesn’t need to deliver a baby, my mom told me it’s really painful!”

When I am grown up, we talked among each other, “when one day, you get married and give born to a baby, do you want a baby boy or girl?”

“Hmm … I think I will really love my husband, so I want a boy, to watch his childhood again. The boy will resemble the one I love, then I will see the little one and the big one play together and bully the mom – me! Imagine, this is a lovely scene.

“Yeah, I have already conceived of some lovely names for the kids … just that the surname does change.”

When I am grown further, we talked among each other, “Is getting married and bearing kids part of the life path that everyone must go through?”

“I am ok if I don’t get married. I will be fine if I don’t have my own kids; but I hope I will have.”

If I have a kid then, … “my child, mom will bring you to travel around, and you will learn the best from natural setting, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t do well in formal education, can you hear the sound of wind? Can you hear the sparrows twittering? These made up the best symphony for you. ”

“That day you argued with our neighbour kid, you insisted that sun is closer to us in the morning because it was bigger in the morning and turns smaller as day goes by; but the neighbour kid insisted that sun is further to us in the morning because it was cool in the morning and the heat increases only when day goes by. Your mom was speechless and she got your dad to come and intervene :) ” "but who is your dad? :P "

“You don’t have to do well in studies, what I want from you is to be kind-hearted and happy always. Don’t get upset when you get hurt .. you will be fine.”

I am curious for my future. I guess if I am still by myself when I grow older, maybe I will end up staying in an isolated rural village, with the village kids, old folks … and spend the rest of my life.

P/S: I must admit that I am quite capable in daydreaming.

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