Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can you let go of your past?

Is there reincarnation? I do believe there is. Let’s not go into questioning about its existence now, in fact, isn’t everything in the universe going in a recurrent process of birth and death, to grow and perish? Again and again, even if it is totally gone, I’d rather believe that it switches to exist in another deviate form, or turns into being in “nothingness” with a lurked potential of rebirth to evolve.

Let’s forget about matters before birth and after death. I regard this present life as being divided into various phases of a cycle. Physiological development marks different stages of life in progressing form; changes in thinking system and affectionate content can be deemed as spiritual reformation, to certain extent.

If there is really reincarnation, then the merit would be to get one regenerates his life or to be reborn, more precisely, to be able to rely on a new body, forsake those sinful history and bad habits ever, only if one forgets about the past and its accompanied encumbrance, he can recreate the life he belongs to.

Sometimes, it is common that our mind and action isn’t consistent to our will; the more you want to let it go, the harder you are to let go of it; the more you wish to hold it tight, the more shaky your hand is and you can’t grasp it..

Those unpleasant past impede your progress, and you still exist in this impure world with a myriad temptations - those human factors and the environment around, repeatedly remind you of your past. The more you want to forget, the more you remember. It seems that the only way to reform, is to apply a brand new shell of body, be bestowed a new life.

We are mediocre; we find the invisible world not detectable, so at this moment, what is crucial at least is to manage rightfully the present life with your goodwill, even if the polluted external world remains unchanged, even if the harm caused from your past has become an irreversible wound.


Actually I really hope you can forgo those unpleasant past and step forward to your reformation. I do really hope that you don’t adapt the existing and deeply ingrained self-concept to constrain your predestination. Actually I think you can do it. I know you’ve been feeling troubled, but what about your willpower? If you wish, you can try to listen to your heart; you can try to grant a meaningfulness to interpret your new life.

If now you are not you, you’re given a chance to freely delineate your ideal image, do you see the real self that you long to be? You keep visualizing, perhaps one day, you get more and more syncretic with the ideal self with such a harmony!

Those who erred, those who got hurt, those who suffered mentally, those who’ve wasted time in unexamined lives, can they reform? And, when they are so much longing for a new life, can we put aside our prejudice towards them? Shall we not apply our very personal, judgemental view on them?

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