Saturday, December 11, 2010


Moon and stars went off
Rising sun emerge slowly
There my flowers blooming, how adorable
I sent you off with smile
Morning sunshine embraces me
Gentle breeze convey a message of pleasure
Those birds cheering I am happy
Maybe they don’t know
What’s so pleasing
Sun sets and downs, flowers flourish and wither,
They remain, nothing lasts
It is me who is carefree still
With the wind, looking forward till you return
In the air, sketching figure of your face

星星月亮不见啦 太阳冉冉升起中

我的花儿也在争艳 啊 多么可爱

带着微笑送别你 迎接我的是晨曦

风儿在轻轻地吹 散发着幸福气息

鸟儿也自顾欢呼歌唱 我不禁开怀笑

也许他们不明白 有什么值得如此喜悦啊

日出日落 花开花谢 不变依旧 没什么不朽

是我太过地傻气 只顾悠哉闲哉地

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