Sunday, December 12, 2010

第一次的徒步行-Copland Track

As highly recommended by a friend, before I left Franz Josef, I tried so hard to take leaves from my hotel job and went for Copland Track.

Travel information tells that this track is suitable for tramper with some prior experience, and it can be quite tough for beginners. However, I decided to go for it without any hesitation at all! Well .. I was just thinking, “I’m always proud of my tough feet and willpower, I wouldn’t feel tired easily even for a long distance of walk..”

Obviously, I underestimated this track, with a variety of challenging condition to cross over, it is one’s bodily coordination and balancing that matter. I’m the one without much kinesthetic sense, but luckily it’s still fine, willpower takes the lead for any other matters, no matter how frequent I fall, how many times I’ve made myself so ugly, I think I am still quite resilient to stand up and go on, haha, bragging.

It took about 6 to 9 hours to finish the track (one way). In the very early morning, my friend from Hong Kong and I started with it and till the evening, we stayed in a hut. The next day, we went back to the origin.

因为一个英国朋友大力推荐的缘故,离开Franz Josef之前,我硬要抽出时间,不惜从酒店的工作请假,就是要完成Copland Track徒步走就对了。旅游资讯介绍说这track是很险峻的,适合有稍有些经验的徒步探险者。我是毫无经验的,可是我一点犹豫都没,要去就对了,我心想:我的脚力毅力一向来都是比一般人好的,我走多远都不言累啊。可见当时的我太低估这track了,其实不是我脚力好就行的,走这种track,个人的身体协调能力和平衡能力更是不可忽视的因素。但还好,所有这些因素都是建立在毅力之上的,我这个人是没什么运动细胞 的,跌倒了无数次,出丑也当习惯了,但我就是撑得住,继续走到终点为止…





The experience with Copland Track is really a memorable one for me. From there I encountered the greatest fear, despite the initial fall at the turning point amidst the narrow mountain path, there was another time I lost touch with my friend, somehow I just unheedingly walked on a path that wasn’t supposed to be a path!

I struggled to find my way out, what’s behind me was the scattered bosk and it looked like a cliff, I could see the fast-flowing small river too. No, no, I can’t turn my head back and I can only look upward … I grasped the tree branch so tightly, and I wondered if I was steadily supported?

Luckily I found my way out. I was terribly scared, and I realized one thing: at such delicate situation, what worried me the most. At that moment, my mind only thought about that I couldn’t let anything happened on me, else my mom and dad would be very sad … then I knew, in the world, parents are the ones I care the most. I am not a very obedient daughter, am actually quite a reckless one especially when going for things I want, yet deep inside my heart, I know their love is forever unconditional to me..

是的,徒步行走了超过五小时后,在抵达今夜留宿之处- 小屋棚时,那儿是有一个自然温泉等着我们的,全身酸痛,累到乏力了,此时看到那温泉,让我太感动了,那还是自然温泉,我这辈子第一次泡温泉,第一次看过的温泉还是天然的!
No pain, no gain; finally after more than 5 hours of trampling, when we reached the hut, there was a natural hot pool awaiting us! I was so touching to see the hot pool and I quickly jumped into it!

This is a journey, and despite all the hardship and pain, I would still go for it, because I would never want my journey to be a wholly flat one.

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