Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is Ho Chi Minh City

The traffic in Ho Chi Minh City is probably somewhat remarkable and astonishing for us; the never-ending flow of motorbikes, horns rise one after another, there is no overhead bridge, the disproportionate number of traffic lights, the zebra crossing which lacks of practical use. Yet, this is the city’s uniqueness as if such chaos without order does exist as a matter of course. No one ever doubt about it.


Please don’t expect the motorbike riders will

stop for you who is going to cross the road. What you ought to do is to simply proceed to cross the road without any hesitation. Just go, they will avoid you.


Life goes on in spite of the heavy rain.不管晴天雨天,为生活奔忙的步伐不停歇,节奏依旧。

Kids are playing under the heavy rain. Wonder if they would get cold? I do admire them in being joyful under such rain, I think they’re strong.

So this is a manic city, clogged with traffic, bursting with energy.



  1. Greetings from Indonesia...
    No big different with Surabaya City, Indonesia

  2. Hi Krisna, is that so? Hmm, then I should go to Surabaya City one day to see by my own . Well, the motorbikes scene in Ho Chi Minh City is really amazing. haha. Yet it's a nice place to explore, very vibrant. :)