Sunday, August 1, 2010

Overly Delayed updates .........

Back to home. Committed to something (Besides some serious stuff, social meetings, days spent with my beloved family, I need to devote some time for daydreaming). I should have recorded down my travel in a nice, orderly manner for future reminiscence but I am committed to something right now. Never mind, my memory is very good in taking things meant to be remembered. Never mind, travel is something very personal, along the journey, only I know how the place I visited and the person I met meant to me. People you’ve met, places you’ve visited and all the encounters you’ve had made up your personal travel log which is a unique one.

When I have no time to record things in words, when I couldn't catch the scenes into my camera, I knew I have stored them in my mind.

....................................until mid-2011.


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